Luz Stella Rozo

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  • Luz Stella Rozo, Escritora internacional, Halla de la Fama
  • Luz Stetella Rozo, Sal√≥n de la Fama 2001, Escritora
  • Luz Stella Rozo, Halla of Famme Book Award 2004
  • Luz Stella Rozo, Halla of Famme Book Award 2003

The Angel For Every DayThe Angel For Every Day, Luz Stella Rozo This book comes only in digital format. It is part of an extensive work involving several angelic entities.

These angels "willingly" decided to deliver a series of messages directed not to the channel, or to the author of this book, but to humanity in general and with that commitment began the sessions of dictation.

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Today is 7/21/2018, The following is the angel for today and yesterday:

July 21 - Raahel

This is an angel who works under the orders of the Archangel Raphael. Serves about 72 quinary rankings or zodiac. If two people are confronting each other because they consider each of them is right, this angel will make them understand the part of truth there is in each other.

Beautiful message from Raahel to you and all those celebrating birthday today

Understand the people around you. Love people sincerely. Love them as they are without trying to change them. When you are in need, true friends will be by your side to provide you with assistance, give encouragement, advice and hope. In other words: to support and give you their love.

Advice from Raahel:

Cultivate friendship. It costs nothing, but gives you a revenue that is lost from view. Friendship, like most feelings, should flow naturally. So, in true friendship, as in true love, there are no conditions or pressures.

July 20 - Khurdad

In ancient Persian traditions, Khurdad is an angel who rules over May and on the sixth day of each month. Moreover, at present, he also rules on your birthday July 20. This angel belongs to the category of Amesha Spentas mentioned in the book "The Kingdom of the Angels" written by Luz Stella Rozo. This magnificent angel, like those of the same rank, serves at the gates of the Paradise. He is considered an intercessor of humans before God.

Beautiful message from Khurdad to you and all those celebrating birthday today

Synergy is to join forces and walk together to achieve better targets. In other words, it is the union of strength and intelligence. Whenever two or more people join in an environment of collaboration and respect, synergy occurs spontaneously. This corresponds to the old adage: Unity is strength. Notice the big energy boost you can achieve when you connect to other people by psyching up and working for a noble ideal.

Advice from Khurdad:

Agree with some friends for a certain time at night to make a chain of mental waves to send thoughts of love and healing to your planet. The ideal thing is that this custom can be spread out as many things that are in fashion in your background, without actually having any sense to you.