Luz Stella Rozo

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  • Luz Stella Rozo, Escritora internacional, Halla de la Fama
  • Luz Stetella Rozo, Sal√≥n de la Fama 2001, Escritora
  • Luz Stella Rozo, Halla of Famme Book Award 2004
  • Luz Stella Rozo, Halla of Famme Book Award 2003

The Angel For Every DayThe Angel For Every Day, Luz Stella Rozo This book comes only in digital format. It is part of an extensive work involving several angelic entities.

These angels "willingly" decided to deliver a series of messages directed not to the channel, or to the author of this book, but to humanity in general and with that commitment began the sessions of dictation.

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Today is 1/24/2020, The following is the angel for today and yesterday:

January 24 - Vasiariah

According to Kabbalah, this archangel rules over justice, nobility of feeling, judges and lawyers. The fact of ruling over the day of your birth is a very important message for you. Two things are mixed in your personality: the ascendancy and your corresponding angel. This makes you, by nature in this earthly life, love justice. You want to impose justice. You suffer for the wrongs that you see every day. You are as Quijote, defending lost causes. That desire for justice so rooted in you often causes suffering and disappointment. It does not matter. Keep fighting for justice to prevail. That means you are struggling for God.

Beautiful message from Vasiariah to you and all those celebrating birthday today

Acknowledge yourself. Recognize what your north is and what kind of service you came to provide others. No need to go out on a horse and shield your right arm to fight evil, but you can define yourself and point out what side you belong to. For the Good or Bad? So, begin to project your light. The best way to project your light is through constant work in good example and love.

Advice from Vasiariah:

Try to organize prayer chains where you all pray for peace on Earth and the advent of good overall. You have to give strength to all beings of light who are fighting the darkness, and are working to clean up the bad energy around the planet where some human beings continue unconsciously creating constanly. Do not curse or imprecate, bless God, your planet and your peers instead . Try to make of this a multiplier effect.

January 23 - Jariel

This is the angel that veterinarians should invoke, because he dominates over domesticated animals or pets. He is also invoked against impiety. We may cry out to him against evil widespread use of God¬īs name for dark purposes and fans. That is wickedness. God is love, therefore, it is a sin against God to use his holy name to try to justify the killing of human beings. God does not accept that life be removed, because for God life is one of the most sacred and great things, either of a human being, an animal or plant.

Beautiful message from Jariel to you and all those celebrating birthday today

My dear son, I govern on the Arts and Science. But I also want to rule on this day.

You are a person with great intellectual concerns. You are fond of Science as well as Arts. You use your mind and emotions to create. Create beauty around you for your pleasure and the humanity. We, the angels, love the beauty, cleanliness and clarity. If you surround yourself with them, you will have around a swarm of angels. If you invoke us with love, we will be constantly trying to contact you.

Advice from Jariel:

Working in Science and Arts is one of the most beautiful and rewarding things that can be done by human beings. If you do it based on love, your creativity will have no limits.