Luz Stella Rozo

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  • Luz Stella Rozo, Escritora internacional, Halla de la Fama
  • Luz Stetella Rozo, Sal√≥n de la Fama 2001, Escritora
  • Luz Stella Rozo, Halla of Famme Book Award 2004
  • Luz Stella Rozo, Halla of Famme Book Award 2003

The Angel For Every DayThe Angel For Every Day, Luz Stella Rozo This book comes only in digital format. It is part of an extensive work involving several angelic entities.

These angels "willingly" decided to deliver a series of messages directed not to the channel, or to the author of this book, but to humanity in general and with that commitment began the sessions of dictation.

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Today is 11/21/2018, The following is the angel for today and yesterday:

November 21 - Vionatraba

This angelic entity serves on the Lord¬īs Day. He is an angel of the fourth Heaven and also works in the Sun, sharing this responsibility with two other angels. His name has been found in ancient Hindu traditions: it seems that Vionatraba is a word that comes from the ancient Sanskrit.

Beautiful message from Vionatraba to you and all those celebrating birthday today

Have you ever wondered whether intelligence can be developed? Yes, of course. The intelligence can be increased like any skill or any muscle. Furthermore, being smart can be learnt. The most significant thing is to start as early as possible because the human beings have cycles in which learning is easier and more effective. The first stage is from one day to three years old. The second one is up to seven years old and then, these stages get shorter and decreased depending on the good or bad use they are made. A mind accustomed to constantly learning is used to put into practice new things and whatever arrives, it is quickly assimilated in accordance with the usual learning methodology.

Advice from Vionatraba:

Keep your mind on training. Get used to learning something new every day. If you reach to break time and realize that over the last twenty four hours you have not learned anything new, look for three unknown words in the dictionary and learn them by heart, doing different exercises in different use and form. Do crossword puzzles. See how much fun there is, learn and keep your mind sharp and alert. In this way you are moving away the mental aging.

November 20 - Suroth

This is a protective entity of Egypt who works with the angel Anael. He is also the protector of the planet Venus. According to the hermetic knowledge, that is the school of Hermes, Suroth is one of the commander princes of the Principalities. He governs over the harmony of nature and the inner harmony of every human being on the Earth.

Beautiful message from Suroth to you and all those celebrating birthday today

You cannot live by keeping up appearances. There are many people living by maintaining the appearances on planet Earth. But it is not only that. There are countries, communities and societies where this practice is more common. It is actually a vice produced by the consumerism system you have. You do not realize that what people appreciate most is the simplicity and authenticity. Whoever lives by keeping up the appearances has very low self-esteem.

Advice from Suroth:

If you live guided by the appearances, you will never be authentic by yourself. It will be the false side of something you consider should be imitated. Therefore, no one can esteem who you really are because they do not know who you are, or what you are like.