Luz Stella Rozo

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  • Luz Stella Rozo, Escritora internacional, Halla de la Fama
  • Luz Stetella Rozo, Sal√≥n de la Fama 2001, Escritora
  • Luz Stella Rozo, Halla of Famme Book Award 2004
  • Luz Stella Rozo, Halla of Famme Book Award 2003

The Angel For Every DayThe Angel For Every Day, Luz Stella Rozo This book comes only in digital format. It is part of an extensive work involving several angelic entities.

These angels "willingly" decided to deliver a series of messages directed not to the channel, or to the author of this book, but to humanity in general and with that commitment began the sessions of dictation.

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Today is 10/18/2017, The following is the angel for today and yesterday:

October 18 - Cukbiel

This angel comes from the old Syrian traditions. He is invoked for the use of amulets. The gift of speech is granted to all those who are leaders of large groups. It is not necessary for you to be a public person to ask Cukbiel to grant his gifts. Just ask for them.

Beautiful message from Cukbiel to you and all those celebrating birthday today

Many people want and ask for the gift of speech. But the appropriate and fair speech is the most important thing. The word which does not harm your neighbor, the voice that does not hurt. On the contrary, may your word be always fair, encouraging, healing, from advice and guidance nature and above all, full of love and sincerity.

Advice from Cukbiel:

Just when you ask me for the gifts described above, you will be provided with the flowering of a beautiful speech and writing. A simple, eloquent and beautiful prose with an enriching poetic tinge.

October 17 - Gehoriel

This angel is a guardian standing at one of the entrances of the First Heaven. His name means "The one who serves the Lord of the Universe". He may be invoked through Psalm 109, verse 29. This entity gives strength and courage.

Beautiful message from Gehoriel to you and all those celebrating birthday today

Strength and courage should be distinguished from recklessness and risk. You need a lot of strength to face the reality, truth, betrayal and so all eventualities of life, avoid wasting energy in useless and sterile quarrels. Strength and courage are necessary to give good advice and guidance to one of your brothers in God. For trying to rescue somebody who has lost his way, or has fallen into the deep hole of despair. It takes courage to hold on to faith when the enraged sea of life attacks from all sides.

Advice from Gehoriel:

You must have the strength to understand that in the midst of the raging sea, you have the energy and even more, so with your own power, swim to the far shore where you arrive safe and sound.