Luz Stella Rozo

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  • Luz Stella Rozo, Escritora internacional, Halla de la Fama
  • Luz Stetella Rozo, Sal√≥n de la Fama 2001, Escritora
  • Luz Stella Rozo, Halla of Famme Book Award 2004
  • Luz Stella Rozo, Halla of Famme Book Award 2003

The Angel For Every DayThe Angel For Every Day, Luz Stella Rozo This book comes only in digital format. It is part of an extensive work involving several angelic entities.

These angels "willingly" decided to deliver a series of messages directed not to the channel, or to the author of this book, but to humanity in general and with that commitment began the sessions of dictation.

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Today is 8/19/2017, The following is the angel for today and yesterday:

August 19 - Ballaton

This angel appears in the "Outer Circle Pentagram of Solomon" described in the book of Arthur Edward Waite. Ballaton is closely linked with white magic and a lot of power to remove spells and witchcraft works. Request he always protects you, especially from those who seek to harm you with evil arts.

Beautiful message from Ballaton to you and all those celebrating birthday today

I always want to protect you, but I need your authorization. At least ten times a day, especially before opening any dimension door or ready to get asleep or another state where you lose consciousness, such as anesthesia, ask me to create around you a magnetic field which is impenetrable by the enemy forces.

Advice from Ballaton:

If your energy is held at our level, we will automatically be attracted to you. Try to keep this attunement through thoughts full of love and desire to improve every day.

August 18 - Zehanpuryu’h

This name means "Freedom of God." He is an angelic Prince of high rank. His position in the Angelic Realm is very similar to a prosecutor in the Court of humans. Furthermore, he is in charge of granting divine grace. In the book "Third of Enoch" it is mentioned as a crown Prince with a higher range than the Metatron¬īs. In the book "Hechaloth" by Rabbati, he is awarded the post of the seventh gate keeper of the Seventh Heaven.

Beautiful message from Zehanpuryu’h to you and all those celebrating birthday today

I want to give you a very important gift. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel my presence. Visualize my right hand wielded and placed on my heart. Now, I extend this hand to you. Raise your hands for me to put something very precious on them: I am providing you with a gift. Now, close your hands, feeling that they have what I have given to you and take them to your heart into which you deposit what you are given.

Save it with faith and hope, because it will be activated when you need your energy force. At the moment it becomes effective, you will understand it better.

Advice from Zehanpuryu’h:

Believe that there is always a better future. You are never alone. You have more than one angel to serve, there are several angels around to help you besides the archangels who supervise our work.